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Stony Brook Medical Center

Stony Brook Hospital which officially changed its name in 2006 to Stony Brook University Medical Center to reflect its diversity of both inpatient and outpatient medical care, has been providing care, research, education and community service since 1980. Every year the center provides services to more than a half million patients and it's one of the largest hospitals on Long Island. Construction on the complex began in 1976 and three buildings were created: the Hospital, the Clinical Sciences Tower and the Basic Sciences Health Tower. The Health Sciences Center houses many research laboratories and classrooms.

Stony Brook University is one of the few public schools in New York that has its own medical school. With its 19 stories and over 504 beds, the hospital has ranked as one of the top hospitals in the Northeast, as well as one of the top teaching hospitals. In 2005, the Emergency Department began renovation and a new Heart Center was opened inside the hospital, containing a new Cardiac Intensive Care Unit, Cardiac Acute Care Unit, angioplasty suites and electrophysiology labs. There are 21 residency training programs at the medical center, comprising over 500 full-time residents, many of whom also provide care at other nearby hospitals.

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